NetKennels websites make it easy to maintain your own kennel website by allowing you to list dogs for sale and create custom pages on the fly. NetKennels isn’t just a website for your kennel, it’s complete kennel management software, allowing you to keep track of your dogs, pedigrees and customers. NetKennel websites allow you to record medical records for each dog and schedule shots for your puppies. It also allows you to record deposits, take payments and print receipts. The website also allows you to keep track of litters with breeder notes, plus predict heat cycles for your brood bitches.

NetKennel websites are built using a custom platform that we developed. The software is constantly updated and improved to keep it modern and to add new features. Existing customers enjoy these updates at no additional cost. Each website is their own separate entity, meaning they have their own database, their own domain name, and their own server space. All kennel websites will use the same technology that powers Gundog Central. NetKennel websites are written in the same programming language that powers other popular sites, like Facebook, Wikipedia, Tumblr, and WordPress. All websites are database-driven, making these sites fast ,dynamic and easy to update. Websites are template-driven, no need-to-know HTML or have any programming experience. Simply fill out the form to easily add content to your site, very similar to how the classified ads work on Gundog Central.

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