About NetKennel

NetKennel.com was born in 2000 by a pair of brothers, Lance and Les, who started the service by building a website for their other brother and his kennel. As other kennel owners noticed this website, they started requesting a version of their own. Seeing the need for low-cost kennel websites that kennel owners could manage and maintain, they set out to modify the software they had written for their brother. They created a single site that allowed them to host numerous kennel websites from one software engine. For 20 years, NetKennel offered affordable kennel websites to hundreds of kennels around the world.

NetKennel.com was purchased by Gundog Central in October of 2021. Gundog Central was started in very much the same manner as NetKennel. After building several kennel related websites for friends, we began to envision a centralized place for those kennels to advertise their dogs and services. Eventually, we modified my own kennel software, and Gundog Central was born. Over the past 17 years, we’ve been offering affordable kennel websites under the Gundog Central brand that are easily updated and maintained by kennel operators.

NetKennel had offered affordable kennel related websites on the internet for over 20 years. With the purchase of the NetKennel name, we are rebranding our Gundog Central kennel website service. We will now refer to our Gundog Central Kennel websites, domains, and hosting services as NetKennel and the classified ad service as Gundog Central. The new NetKennel websites will be deeply integrated with Gundog Central, allowing you to push dogs from your kennel website, straight into the dog classifieds section on Gundog Central as well as pull-down pedigrees from Gundog Central straight into your own pedigree database. We look forward to carrying on the Netkennel name and long history of excellent online service for many years to come.

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